The Ocean’s Eyes are a 5 piece alternative pop-punk band from London, UK, formed in May 2010. The band’s sound draws influences from various genres, blending pop-soaked, harmony driven choruses with a raw but technical punk edge. Following the release of their debut EP ‘Lions’ (Dan Lancaster, Glasseye Studios), the band shared stages with the likes of Mallory Knox, Mimi Soya, The Morning Of, Floods, Paige, Kids Can’t Fly and many more, displaying their energetic live show to crowds across the country. The polished sound presented on CD is brought to a new level on stage, making the live performance stand out from their recorded tracks. In July 2011, the band recorded their second EP, ‘Lost Along The Way’, with Ben Humphreys and James Billinge (Enter Shikari, You Me At Six, The Blackout), and will release it through I Am Mighty Records in October 2011.

For Fans Of: Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday & Anberlin.

Roster pic

Lower Lands are an Alternative Rock band who have achieved a lot in a short space of time. In 2 short years, they’ve gone from writing their first ever songs together in a college classroom to sharing bills with bands such as Crazy Arm, Sharks and Deaf Havana and being covered by the likes of Kerrang! Radio, Front Magazine and They’re honest guys with a really hard work ethic who put blood sweat and tears into every aspect that makes them who they are.

For Fans Of: Futures, Twin Atlantic & Reuben.

Kyoto Drive formed in Birmingham around 2009. Since then the band have toured relentlessly across the UK and mainland Europe sharing stages with The Starting Line, Hit The Lights, Mae, Young Guns and Deaf Havana just to name a few.

For Fans Of: Cartel, Jimmy Eat World & The Early November.

Maycomb is a melody driven pop-punk band, hailing from the West Midlands. Armed with a diverse, intricate, harmony focused sound, they’ve spent the past few years touring the UK, building a widespread and loyal fan base. After sharing stages with the likes of Saves The Day, The Wonder Years, and The Starting Line, the band are gearing up to release their long-awaited debut album,
“I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things”, on I Am Mighty Records at the tail end of 2012.

For Fans Of: Motion City Soundtrack, The Swellers & Bayside.

AL Roster

Hailing from Newcastle, Indie Rock 4 piece Alexander are releasing their debut album in early 2013. The band have been creating a buzz across the UK and are bringing a punchy and appealing sound to the indie UK music scene.

For Fans Of: Jimmy Eat World, Two Door Cinema Club & Death Cab For Cutie.

Rost Pic

White Clouds & Gunfire have become known as the Pocket-Rocket of Pop-Punk around their home town of Peterborough and much of the U.K. Since forming in 2009 the band has come along way, their attitudes, work ethic and sound becoming maturer and more serious whilst still retaining monstrous hooks.

For Fans Of: We Are The In Crowd, Young Guns & You Me At Six.

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Featured Merch

WCAG Front Cover 1600x1600


 White Clouds & Gunfire – ‘For All The Non Believers’


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Alexander- 'Say Hello'


Alexander – ‘Say Hello’


 “Alexander has the capability to break out in a big and glorious way”


“Alexander are definitely one to watch.”




 Maycomb –

‘I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things’


“Their choruses are ridiculously catchy”


“I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things’ is a fantastic record” –




The Ocean’s Eyes – ‘Lost Along The Way’


“The Ocean’s Eyes could soon be on their way to the heights of You Me At Six or Kids In Glass Houses” -


“These guys have such passion, drive and energy and they’re here to make their mark in the music industry” -




Lower Lands – ‘Growing Pains’


“Growing Pains is nothing short of excellent….it could well turn out to be one of the essential debut releases from a UK band this year” - PUNKTASTIC  4/5 


“This EP shows maturity far beyond the band’s physical years, this EP will propel the band towards the level of success that they truly deserve.” - DEAD PRESS! 7/10

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