We are extremely happy to announce that we will be releasing the first ‘I Am Mighty Records And Friends Compilation’ on April 30th. We have always had a passion for shouting about new music and great bands that you should know about, we wanted to bring together some of the best bands in the U.K. and my gosh we have. We honestly believe that there is something for everyone and that every track on this Record is awesome, Featuring: all of the I Am Mighty Records bands, Taking Hayley, Sell Your Sky, Maycomb, Fly This For Me, ScreamDontWhisper, Piper Saint, Highrise, Pressure Kids and many more. All you need to do get yourself a copy of this awesome compilation is sign up for the I Am Mighty Mailing list and we’ll send you a link to download the Compilation on April 30th. You listen to a sampler of some of the songs below.


Track Listing:

1. The City Calls - Meet In The Middle
Taken From – ‘A Spark To Ignite’
Out Now on I Am Mighty Records
2. The Ocean’s Eyes - Room Of Red
Taken From – ‘Lost Along The Way’
Out Now on I Am Mighty Records
3. Boy Set Sail - Rewind
Taken From – ‘We’re Almost There’
Out Now on I Am Mighty Records
4. Lower Lands - Reality In Routine
Taken From – ‘Growing Pains’
Out Now on I Am Mighty Records
5. Kyoto Drive - So Much Alive
Taken From – ‘The Approach’
Out Now on I Am Mighty Records
6. My Favourite Runner Up - Let It Ride
Taken From – ‘Thoughts, Feelings, Actions’
7. Angel At My Table - Picture Perfect
Taken From – ‘In A Heartbeat’
8. Liar Liar - Heart Attack
Taken From – ‘He Said, She Said’
9. Paper Tigers - Back To You
Taken From – ‘Safe In Words’
10. Pressure Kids  - Blinded
Taken From – ‘Self Titled’
11. Tall Trees - Terrible Things
Taken From – ‘Scream Danger’
12. Count To Four - Growing Up And Growing Beards
Taken From – ‘Between Two Cities’
13. White Clouds & Gunfire - Dreams
Taken From Their Upcoming Release
14. Pavilions - Science And Gods
Taken From – ‘Pavilions EP’
15. Taking Hayley - Up All Night
Taken From Their Upcoming Release
16. Sell Your Sky - Ready When You Are, Raoul
Taken From Their Upcoming Release
17. Fly This For Me - Making Shadows
Taken From – ‘Making Shadows’
18. Maycomb - Ghost Stories
Taken From – ‘Crystal Tiger Blues’
19. Piper Saint - Where You Want To Be
Taken From – ‘This City’
20. ScreamDontWhisper - Untitled
Taken From – ‘They Were Only Words’
21. Highrise - The Smell Of Dust And Old Cologne
Taken From – ‘The Bridges We Burnt’

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WCAG Front Cover 1600x1600


 White Clouds & Gunfire – ‘For All The Non Believers’


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Alexander- 'Say Hello'


Alexander – ‘Say Hello’


 “Alexander has the capability to break out in a big and glorious way”


“Alexander are definitely one to watch.”




 Maycomb –

‘I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things’


“Their choruses are ridiculously catchy”


“I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things’ is a fantastic record” –




The Ocean’s Eyes – ‘Lost Along The Way’


“The Ocean’s Eyes could soon be on their way to the heights of You Me At Six or Kids In Glass Houses” -


“These guys have such passion, drive and energy and they’re here to make their mark in the music industry” -




Lower Lands – ‘Growing Pains’


“Growing Pains is nothing short of excellent….it could well turn out to be one of the essential debut releases from a UK band this year” - PUNKTASTIC  4/5 


“This EP shows maturity far beyond the band’s physical years, this EP will propel the band towards the level of success that they truly deserve.” - DEAD PRESS! 7/10

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